Production complex on 4,450 sows produces up to 850 tonnes of pork in live weight. The average daily gain of fattening is 770-800 g., feed conversion at the complex is on a range of 2.8-2.9 kg. and with a total for sows of 3.2-3.4 kg. of feed per 1 kg. Increase. Sows prolificacy increased from 9.5 to 11 piglets. The complex works consistently on a weekly cyclogram, it has a pork production forecast for several months ahead on weekly basis.

Selection and breeding complex for 1350 sows deserves special attention, since it has no analogues in Ukraine, it deserves attention first of all in terms of veterinary status and bio security system. The staff works in 2 weeks shifts. There is a hotel with all amenities on the territory. Of the complex. Modern European equipment provides high technology of production.

Young breeders were bought at the company Hermitage Genetics in Ireland, which is almost devoid of many swine pathogens and has a high health status. This status is maintained on our pig complex. Upscale pigs and boars of Landrace breed and Large White were purchased in order to obtain half-blooded parental F-1 pigs which allows to obtain 12.5 viable piglets from one sow. Breeding sows of breeding kernels give 14-15 piglets per one farrow.

Pig Complex was awarded the status of Breeding Enterprise which will allow us to offer quality European of semen to pig producers in Ukraine from upscale terminal boars, Landrace boars and Large White Irish breeding boars.

In 2012 we were awarded the statuses of a breeding plant on Landrace breed and a nucleus of Large White breed. In our farm replacement pigs show a high percentage of coming in season at an early age (starting from 5 months), and the percentage of fertility reaches 92-93% with an average multiple pregnancy and 11 pigs during the first farrows.

One more complex for 5000 sows was started in September 2012. To maintain a high health status, the complex is located on 4 areas: a reproducer, two grounds for nursery of 11,000 fattening pigs each and a feeding platform for 44,000 lots with liquid feeding. The reproducer is supplied with herd replacement produced at our selection and breeding complex. It is scheduled to get 2500 pigs with the living weight of 105-110 kg weekly, after the complex will reach full production capacity.