Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

High qualification of our specialists and advanced software allows us to carry out project work in the shortest possible time and to offer the best solutions for layout and design of buildings as well as for heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation, electricity and gas supply, using advanced construction techniques and materials.

Any construction begins with the design on which further depends not only quality but also the value of the object. The following activities should be accounted to design:

1. Concept formation of the object

Depending on the purpose of the object and customer’s wishes a general concept of the object is formed, the set of premises that are part of the object and additional buildings and structures are determined.

2. Draft project

On the basis of the concept drawings and sketches that display the solutions are performed. Conceptual design process is quite complex and is made in close cooperation with the customer; the sketches are gradually improved in accordance with the wishes of the customer and regulations.

Initially the architect has only a plan or a piece of land or a topographic survey fragment at a scale of 1:500. In the process of project development the sketch of the object is made, as well as accessory buildings and structures (such as wells for drinking water, sewage facilities, fire tanks, engineering facilities, building, etc.);we plan transportation facilities, drainage from the surface area and the roof of the object.

At this stage the internal buildings planning, on which technological solution of the object can influence, the most functional and attractive materials (from the economic point of view) used in the construction are discussed and selected.

Conceptual components of the project:

•  explanatory note which describes the adopted planning, technological and design solutions;
•  scheme of the general plan;
•  plans of the building;
•  building facades.

3. Working Draft

On the basis of the preliminary design approved part of the project is performed (step D or approved part of Working Draft) which reflects the basic drawings and figures on the project, working documentation with detailed study of all the components, finishing parts, cross sections for walls and etc. Unlike the preliminary design the working draft is submitted in an expanded form divided into two main parts:

•  Approved part of the project which includes the major decisions on the project and the general explanatory note. This part of the project is necessary for the whole scope of approvals and for obtaining a building permit.
•  Project documentation, including all necessary drawings for the construction of the facility.