Engineering Providing engineering and consulting services (design and engineering, computational and analytical and organizational services, research, development of recommendations on the organization of production and construction management) i.e. a range of commercial services for construction process preparation and support.

In most cases engineering companies provide separate engineering services and it makes clients deal with different contractors which significantly increases the cost. Construction Association Dnipro LLC offers a full range of engineering services in the following areas:

  •  industrial engineering;
  •  capital (civil) construction;
  •  technical reequipment of objects;
  •  reconstruction of buildings and structures;
  •  implementation of definite functions of the developer (technical inspections, turn key commissioning of the objects, and assistance in preparation of tender documents, etc.).

Composition of engineering services is determined by the customer taking into account the specifics of a particular project but the most common forms are the following:

  •  participation in the development of the concept of the project (the object);
  •  collection of baseline data;
  •  tender actions for design work and preparation of estimate work;
  •  preparation of contracts for design work;
  •  monitoring the implementation of the terms of contracts (quality, time);
  •  coordination of related organizations at the design phase;
  •  overseeing the development and transfer of construction documents;
  •  identification of priority areas for coordination of project documentation with the relevant government agencies;
  •  coordination of design and estimate documentation in the relevant services;
  •  obtaining permits for construction works;
  •  support of the project (the object) at all stages of implementation starting from design stage to commissioning of the object.